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Network Chiropractic

  • Posted on Nov 28, 2018

Network is a method of chiropractic that is very gentle in its approach.   Rather than forcing misaligned vertebrae back into place as most other chiropractic methods do, Network seeks to adjust or relieve the tension on the elastic structures connected to the vertebrae so that the bones move back into alignment of their own accord.   This technique produces more profound and lasting results, using less force.

In order to achieve these results with so little force, the contact is applied at very precise points.   Specific sequences of contact are used to assist the brain to connect more effectively with the spine and body.   As a result, individuals become better able to adapt to their environment.   They are able to free themselves from the unhealthy patterns in which they were “stuck”.

One of the principles of Network chiropractic is that as the brain, spinal cord meninges (the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord), and vertebrae are all connected, they form a continuous system.   Traumatic emotional events that the mind/brain feels are “unsafe” or threatening can be stored in the physical body.   These can manifest as “stuck” areas of the spine.   This type of subluxation is dealt with differently than a subluxation that simply has a physical cause such as injury or strain.   Until “stuck” emotional patterns are processed by the mind and released, the physical pattern of spinal misalignment will keep returning.   Because of this, Network is particularly beneficial for animals who have been abused in the past or have other fear/emotional based issues.

Whether the underlying causes are physical, emotional, or a combination of both, Network spinal care provides more effective and lasting changes.   It does so because it addresses the underlying causes that are continuing to pull the spine out of alignment, rather than just forcing it back into place.   Like other forms of chiropractic, it can decrease pain and increase energy.   Additionally, Network has the benefit of helping the brain-spinal cord-body communicate more effectively with one another so that the individual can experience and respond to life events (both physical and emotional) in a healthier, more effective, and more enjoyable way.

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