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Conventional Treatments

Digital Radiography

Digital x-ray imaging has revolutionized diagnostic radiology.  At Balance Veterinary Center we utilize a modern digital x-ray system for maximum efficiency and lower radiation doses that also provides the highest resolution digital radiographic image available.  Digital images are then sent to board certified veterinary radiologists for analysis, assuring the most accurate readings possible.

Dental Radiography

Dental x-rays have significantly advanced the level of dental care for veterinary patients. When anesthetic dental are needed, our digital dental radiology unit allows us to visualize the entirety of a patient’s dentition including the vital structures of the tooth roots not visible to the naked eye.  This allows us to remove or treat all diseased teeth in one procedure, reducing the need for future anesthesia and the development of possible dental abscesses.


Ultrasound imaging is one the most practical means of examining soft tissues and organs in a non-invasive way.  At Balance Veterinary Center we provide ultrasound services in hospital for many conditions and keep a comprehensive list of local radiologists to refer you to for complex ultrasound imaging.  Ultrasound imaging can detect tumors within organs, assess organs for signs of inflammation, and even evaluate changes in the size of small organs like lymph nodes and adrenal glands. This can be a vital piece of diagnostic information.  For cardiac ultrasounds, we recommend Chesapeake Veterinary Cardiology Associates who have always worked well with our patients’ integrative medical treatments.

Laboratory Testing

At Balance Veterinary Center we believe that comprehensive laboratory work is vital to diagnosing and treating health issues efficiently and effectively.  It is also a key aspect of preventative medicine and an integral part of our wellness program. We employ the latest state of the art in-house laboratory equipment to provide results for ill patients in minutes, and to eliminate multiple trips for preoperative blood work on our patients having surgery.  For specialized testing, chronic ailments and wellness we submit lab samples to modern comprehensive reference laboratories.

Antimicrobial therapy

Overuse of antibiotics is an issue that can have dangerous consequences for all of us. Multi-drug resistant bacteria are becoming more and more prevalent, and its incumbent upon all medical practitioners and agricultural producers to minimize the use of antibiotics only to cases where it is necessary.

At Balance Veterinary Center we do not hesitate to use antimicrobial therapy when it is necessary.  Whenever possible we employ bacterial culturing to direct our therapy precisely against the organisms we are trying to eliminate, and do not dispense antibiotics without a strong suspicion of a bacterial threat.

Pain Management

We strongly believe in the power of acupuncture, massage and gentle herbal formulas to relieve pain in dogs and cats without the side effects common with many pain relieving drugs.  However, there are instances when these methods are simply not enough to control pain. In these instances we will always discuss pharmaceutical options for pain management in addition to our natural modalities.  No animal should live with pain. The healing process of the body and spirit cannot advance while significant pain is present and so we want to do whatever is needed to eliminate that pain.