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About Us

Originally established as Veterinary Holistic Care in 1995 by Dr. Monique Maniet, Balance Veterinary Center has evolved into a comprehensive conventional, holistic and integrated veterinary medical facility under the leadership of Dr. Nicholas Albano.  Dr. Albano’s interest in holistic medicine began years ago when he witnessed his patients coming back again and again for chronic ailments with no resolution. He began exploring more natural and alternative options such as acupuncture to help alleviate chronic ailments, and to approach their core problems from a different mindset.  Although these classic and natural healing modalities made great strides in helping his patients, it was the integration of high quality conventional medicine that allowed the most effective healing to occur.

Dr. Albano continued an approach of kindness and warmth with every patient, making sure that every aspect of a patient’s veterinary experience felt more like visiting a family than going to an intimidating and sterile medical setting.  From the design of our facility to the welcoming nature of the staff, we expect every client and patient to feel at home.

Balance Veterinary Center provides comprehensive and gentle medical care to thousands of animals each year. From multi-modal Eastern Medicine to the latest technological diagnostics and therapies, Balance Veterinary Center focuses on healing your pet through wellness, prevention, and loving care.