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Our Mission

Balance Veterinary Center will be recognized by pet parents, animal lovers and the veterinary community as a welcoming place to go for animals to receive optimum care, integrating natural and holistic modalities with modern medicine.

Balance Veterinary Center will be known to bring balance to the lives and lifestyles of people and their pets by blending a foundation of prevention and wellness with comprehensive strategic options for the elimination of illness and disease.

Balance Veterinary Center knows there is more than one path to optimum health and as such we will be the first choice for those seeking informed alternatives to prevention and elimination of illness.  As such we will always strive and take the time to educate our clients allowing pet parents to feel completely comfortable and in control of their pets’ health.

Balance Veterinary Care clients and partners will recognize our unparalleled reputation for quality, compassion, and warmth understanding that our success comes from going beyond simply curing disease but rather fostering a sense and focus of whole life wellness.

Balance Veterinary Center will be viewed as the ideal place to work for our staff and veterinary employees in the region.  We will do this by providing a work environment based on teamwork, self respect and pride. Our philosophy of promotion from within, and our ability to provide the education and tools to make this happen, will result in low turnover and high morale.  This in turn will allow our clients to feel comfortable with the familiar faces of their pet care family.

Balance Veterinary Center will manifest our core values in everything we do: Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Teamwork and Balance.