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Our Clinic

At Balance Veterinary Center our goal is to provide a modern warm and welcoming atmosphere while maintaining standards of a high quality medical facility, and doing our part to help the environment.  We took great care in designing a facility that is as inviting and comfortable as it is functional. From the moment you and your animal family member walk in you will feel the difference from traditional medical offices.  Our floors have the look and texture of carpet allowing for the best traction for our patients, yet are made from recycled soda bottles. This means they can be fully sanitized and mopped daily to maintain the highest level of cleanliness.  Our waiting room includes touches such as comfortable living room furniture, an inviting fireplace feature, and stone accents. Yet the stone is made from recycled wine bottles and our ceilings are made from post-consumer recycled material. Even the exam rooms at BVC pay homage to cornerstones of our natural world, oceans, forests, deserts and mountains.

Despite the warm feel of a home, our clinic houses high quality modern medical capabilities.  Our underwater treadmill and rehabilitation room harnesses the power of water, motion, and light (through a class IV therapeutic laser) to promote a return to vital musculoskeletal function.  Our surgical suite utilizes an advanced air filtration system to reduce possible germ contamination. And we employ the latest modern in-house technology for immediate analysis of lab samples when needed.  We also perform and utilize digital x-rays, ultrasounds and electrocardiograms analyzed by board-certified veterinary specialists to help diagnose and treat our patients.

Along with modern medicine we maintain a robust inventory of in-house and online herbals and supplements to use prior to turning to pharmaceuticals, or alongside them as needed.  Acupuncture and energy healing are performed in a spa-like setting with gentle care and soothing music.

It is our mission to promote and achieve the best health possible for your pet within a warm, welcoming and comfortable space.