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Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Posted on Nov 27, 2019

Hi.  My name is Remy, and I’m going to be guest blogging today!  My new dad is a veterinarian and I feel very lucky to have a dad who can give me such great care!  One thing he tells me is that he needs to make sure my food is generally healthy, fresh and tasty! And it’s true!  I wish I had more of it but I sure do love it.

There’s a super great holiday coming up called Thanksgiving.  I don’t really understand all of it but I know we get visits from people and there’s lots and lots of food!  Basically I want to eat it all. It smells so good! But I can be good and wait for what mom and dad give me.  Because I do get some yummy holiday foods and it’s totally worth the wait.

First dad says we have to be careful with getting too much fat all at once.  If I get too much fat all at once and my body isn’t used to it I can get sick.  Apparently it could give me diarrhea, or even make my pancreas upset. I don’t know what a pancreas is, but dad says it helps me digest food and when it gets upset it can hurt and make me vomit.  So when I get turkey (and you bet I do!) I get mostly white meat, with maybe a tiny bit of dark meat for flavor. And I don’t get as much of my regular food that day, but that’s ok, again…worth it.  And I never, ever get cooked bones. They can really hurt my insides. I also never get stuffing or anything with onions since dad says it can make my red blood cells explode. Yikes! I don’t want that.  And anything with raisins is a no-no since those can make kidneys get broken so bad that even dad can’t fix them.

But I won’t just get turkey.  Dad says roasted carrots, roasted potatoes, and green beans are fine.  Even a little sweet potato is OK as long as they don’t have too much sugar added.  My new sister Bailey will get the same because he knows neither of us are on special diets or get an upset stomach easily.  If we did then we might not get much holiday treats. One of the main ways dad makes sure we don’t get an upset stomach is to not give us more than ⅓ of our food as these special treats.  I’m not sure what ⅓ means. There is definitely regular food in my “treat” meals but it seems like a lot of yummy goodness mixed in to me! And if we only get this ⅓ thing it means we get it for several days. Dad says leftovers in the fridge are fine for us if they’re fine for people too!

Of course some doggies don’t have a vet dad.  At first I felt a little sad for them but dad told me not to worry.  He said if those pet parents have any questions or problems they can just call him right away and he’ll help!  So now every doggie out there can have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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