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Grooming Your Pet

  • Posted on Nov 28, 2018

No matter what the breed, a certain amount of grooming will be necessary to keep your dog looking and feeling his or her best. In addition to bathing and brushing, proper grooming requires attention to eyes, ears, teeth, feet, and nails.

Grooming your dog or cat makes it easier to spot potential health problems early. Grooming also helps your pet get used to being handled and touched. It can be a fun bonding time for you and your pet that includes treats.

A well-groomed pet is cleaner, healthier, happier, and more pleasant to be around. Even if your pet goes to the groomer, we recommend basic grooming at home in between trips.

At Veterinary Holistic Care, we offer regular grooming appointments using only natural and hypo-allergenic grooming products to ensure your pet is healthy, good-looking, and happy!

Please note that the grooming services at Veterinary Holistic Care are currently discontinued, except for medically recommended cases.

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