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Evolutionary Nutrition

  • Posted on Nov 28, 2018

The most important step for health is good nutrition!

The process of domestication removed the ‘wildness’ from our companion animals and involved thousands of years of selective breeding.  Various breeds were developed to fulfill a particular set of needs.  However, our pets also retain many of their ancestors’ characters.

In order to produce the modern dog or cat, our ancestors made only two basic changes: appearance and mind. What did not change were the basic internal workings or physiology of the animal. As a result, the basic workings or physiology of modern pets is very little different to their ancestors.

To produce a healthy, fully functioning adult pet, our modern pup or kitten needs to grow in exactly the same way as the wild pup or kitten. If we vary the food and the exercise too drastically, we will alter the finished product and produce damaged goods.

Common commercial foods are NOT adequate.  Dog and cat food was developed shortly after the Great Depression as the cheapest (not the best) way to feed your pets and keep weight on them.  Returning to a more natural, vital and logical diet will help restore your pet’s health and can and will prevent many health problems. It is worth the effort: You and your pet will be happier.


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