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A Return to Urgent Care Roots During COVID-19

  • Posted on Apr 15, 2020

When I left emergency medicine many years ago, I knew well that the rigors of that environment and the skills developed in it would serve me well in the future.  At that time the nuances of holistic medicine were understood by me, and the blending of natural and conventional medicine in this new form called integrated medicine was completely unknown.  Yet despite the twists in the road, I would not have envisioned a scenario when all of these modalities would have come in to play at the same time. In the world of the coronavirus, getting out and doing things, even seeking urgent and emergency care for your pet, can be extremely difficult.  The need for social distancing and lack of personal contact can make a visit to a veterinary emergency room even more stressful than it normally is. So it has been a bit of a comfort to me, as an essential service provider, that I can provide emergency and urgent care for my patients in what I hope is the least stressful environment possible given the circumstances.  I’ve managed to collect the diagnostic tools such as full in-house laboratory equipment, digital radiographs, and telemedicine with specialists, that allow me to help my patients quickly and the best way I know how. I’ve also been lucky enough to find myself working alongside skilled staff such as Assistant Manager Gloria Pedemonte, who, as a former ICU supervisor at a busy referral hospital, is fully capable of handling any emergency situation required of her.  In this difficult time, I find some solace in the knowledge that I am able to do my small part to try and help our community get by until this passes and we can all return to normalcy. 

Nick Albano, DVM, CVA, CCRT

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