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Disease Protection and Pets: COVID-19 and Canine Influenza

  • Posted on Mar 12, 2020

  With the recent outbreak of a new coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting people around the globe, there are natural questions which arise especially given the reports that this virus may have originated from animals.  There are also questions which have arisen from CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19 patients and their pets. Lets try to clarify any confusion ... Read More

Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

  • Posted on Dec 5, 2019

  Hi.  It’s Bailey!  My mom and dad are busy at home getting ready for the holidays.  They were hanging up lights and parts of trees all over the place.  It’s always a little strange for me but everyone seems so happy that I like it. Since my dad is a vet (like a dog ... Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Posted on Nov 27, 2019

Hi.  My name is Remy, and I’m going to be guest blogging today!  My new dad is a veterinarian and I feel very lucky to have a dad who can give me such great care!  One thing he tells me is that he needs to make sure my food is generally healthy, fresh and tasty! ... Read More

Why Does My Dog Keep Throwing Up?

  • Posted on Aug 1, 2019

A vomiting dog is always a cause for great concern in pet owners.  If your dog is vomiting, one of the first things to determine is if it actually is vomiting.  Vomiting is a complex process that forcefully expels the stomach contents from the body. When a dogvomits there is often a preceding phase of ... Read More

Heat and Dogs: How to Avoid and Manage Serious Issues Resulting From Severe Heat

  • Posted on Jul 18, 2019

  Every year, many parts of the country experience extreme heat waves like what we are experiencing now in the DC metro area.  These serious weather events are unfortunately becoming more and more common. At Balance Veterinary Center, we always recommend proven medical precautions for avoiding heat related illness and heat stroke.  At the same ... Read More

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